Pacific Flour Mill was established in the year 2001. Start with one line of 100 M/T per day, By getting the wheat in containers from USA at the beginning. In the year 2002 production volumes reached 10,000 MT from US in bulk (including Hard White Wheat). This grew to 50,000 MT of wheat from the US and Australia. Our plan is to have more than 100,000 MT of wheat usage per year. We are the only flour miller with access to a deep sea port, having grain discharge capacity of 7,500 – 10,000 MT per day. The mill is located close to Laemchabang Container Yard and Koh Sichang.

Daily milling capacity is 350 MT per 24 Hrs. Flour silo storage capacity up to 2000 MT and warehouse storage capacity up to 4500 MT. Wheat annually turnover 45 million USD
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